Comprehensive interpretation of plasma cutting machine selection

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Comprehensive interpretation of plasma cutting machine selection

Post by lasercutting » Thu Jul 19, 2018 1:32 am

In recent years, the annual market demand for CNC plasma cutting machines in China has reached 2,000 units, and there has been an increasing trend year by year, especially in industries such as ships, construction machinery, bridge construction, and steel structures. At present, China is rapidly developing to high-end CNC in plasma cutting applications, and it has broad development space in various industries.

The main advantage of plasma cutting lies in cutting large-thickness metal workpieces. The plasma cutting speed is fast. Especially when cutting ordinary carbon steel sheets, the speed can reach 5-6 times that of the oxygen cutting method, the cutting surface is smooth, and the thermal deformation is small with no heat-affected zone. Plasma cutting work gas can be used (working gas is the plasma arc of the conductive medium, but also carrying heat, and exclude the molten metal in the incision) on the plasma arc cutting characteristics and cutting quality and speed have a significant impact. Common plasma arc working gases include argon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, air, water vapor, and certain mixed gases.

Do you purchase a cutting machine because of the need for frequent repairs and maintenance? Are they engaged in some work items that require a high-performance cutting device? Or do you need a new equipment to replace the chainsaw you are using now? All of the above are enough for you to consider plasma cutting.

1. Price. No matter what kind of plasma is purchased, it is very important to consider the factor of budget, because if you ignore the budget, even if you can achieve the desired effect, if you exceed the budget, you will not necessarily buy it. At present, plasma is mainly divided into domestic and imported two categories, of which the domestic price is divided into three types: low, medium, and high, but overall users should still be able to accept it! The price of imports is relative to domestic production, it is several times higher, and up to several times, and supplies like cutting nozzles and electrodes are expensive! Under normal circumstances, the imported plasma is better than the domestic plasma with the same specifications, the cutting effect is better, the disadvantage is that the price and the late use of the cost is too high, the average business is difficult to accept!

2. Cutting thickness. No matter what kind of plasma, it has its own most suitable cutting size range, usually low-power plasma suitable for cutting thin plates, which is well-known, plasma power is too large, but not suitable for cutting thin plate! At present, domestic steel plates below 2mm use domestically produced 40-60A plasma cutting, and occasionally use imported ones, but the quantity is not much, because the price is relatively expensive. In this serious statement, less than 2MM below the steel plate, remember that in addition to use high-speed desktop plasma cutting machine, any other models: such as portable, gantry, etc. are not suitable for cutting. More than 2mm is not subject to this restriction and can be used. Thicker steel plates such as 2-16mm steel plates, portable and gantry models can be cut, and thicker, such as 25mm plate or even thicker, only the gantry type is the right choice!

3. The cutting material, this general metal processing technical personnel knows that plasma is used to cut stainless steel and other alloy materials is its strengths, carbon steel plate is mainly rely on the flame cutting method to work, so as long as there is stainless steel, it must be matching Plasma cutting machine! Otherwise, the use of flame can not be processed!

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Re: Comprehensive interpretation of plasma cutting machine selection

Post by JannetteKDayton » Wed Oct 14, 2020 12:30 pm

A "CNC plasma" framework is a machine that conveys a plasma light and can move that light in a way coordinated by a PC. I got this information when I was searching for the review because I needed a person or company who can do my homework.

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