Support from Chinese Ebay sellers

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Support from Chinese Ebay sellers

Post by fvieren » Sun Jun 16, 2019 5:44 pm

Hello guys,

I'm running a small business using two laser cutter/engraver.

I bought 2 different machines a so-called k40 and a 7050 80w more industrial machine.
Both machines are actually very good, I'm pleased with the value for money ratio.

I ran throw a bunch of issues, but so far I managed to fixe all of them.

Recently my laser power supply failed.
I contacted my seller and ask for support (during the warranty period).
And in fact, he was very supportive at least in speech.
But after sometime I realized, he was not going to do anything substantial to help.
I'm waiting for spare parts for 6 weeks, but nothing arrived yet.

The guy or girl, did a lot of promises, he gave me fack tracking numbers, false information and what so ever.
( in fact I don't know if Kira is a name for male or female)

I will not give the name of the store here, but if you are considering to buy such equipment contact me, so I can tell you the names to avoid you a bad experience.
In fact the guy is running a lot of ebay stores under different names.
I'm really used to buy from China and 99% of the time these guys are doing there best to help you.
If I can help to avoid the 1% of black sheep, I would realy happy to help.

I would be pleased to read from you about this matter.

Regards Fred

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Re: Support from Chinese Ebay sellers

Post by grothar » Tue Jun 25, 2019 4:22 pm

Too bad they do not give you support, but in my experience it is usual that it happens. That is why in the company that I work, we travel to China to establish a relationship of trust. That is why we directly provide the after sales service with spare parts, supplies in stock and our knowledge and experience in customer service.
There are good manufacturers in China, the problem is the cultural difference, although do not believe it affects a lot.
By the way ... they never use their real names haha. Their translated names would be like "moon smiling to heaven" and things like that; They use several names and even use names of the countries to which their stores are focused.

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Re: Support from Chinese Ebay sellers

Post by Hotdogsareyummy » Fri Nov 15, 2019 12:53 am

It’s a pleasure we recently received our subsurface laser engraver from perfect laser in China. The operating software is in Chinese and of course I have no clue what it says , is most of the units the same software? Do you know where we might get operation software in English ? Thanks John n Maria

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