Clearpath Servo motors for CO2 Laser cutter

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Clearpath Servo motors for CO2 Laser cutter

Post by nick_the_builder » Mon Jan 11, 2021 2:43 pm

Hello to everyone here,

My name is Nick.
I started to design a 60W laser cutter and I have a question about the motors.
Yesterday I found the Teknic company that they have the Clearpath Servo motors.

I found it very interesting and also I saw a video from a guy that they use them in his laser cutter.
Here is the video: ... e=emb_logo

I checked their website, they have a lot of models but I'm not sure which one will be fine for my machine.
My design will be wih linear guide rails Hiwin HGH 15 for both X and Y axis, AWC708c or Ruida DSP controller and I will use it for vector and high speed raster engraving.
I'm thinking about this model ... tage=75VDC

but I'm not sure if the torque is good enough for high speed raster engraving.
Did someone have experience with them?

Thank you very much in advance!

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